Need To Vote…

20160209_123802This week I met a man who told me I was not going to vote. He said it gets him “too cranked up”. I was surprised to be honest. He even told me who he thought was the “most qualified” and I thought “wow, how does he get there?”

Regardless, he is not going to vote.

I did vote.

Over the years I have voted because I value a few things. Full disclaimer, I was not always like that. I came from a military family. Politics was not always the greatest topic. I am pretty sure my folks canceled out one another’s vote!

So, why vote?

How about because you can? That you voice might be heard. Regardless of those who tell you, “your vote does not count”, do not believe that. If you believe for coming generations, you will vote. Your vote can shape your community and its policies.

My favorite is still because I can. Because it honors the history of those who made it possible.

Today I voted in our state’s primary.

Because I believe it counts.


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