Kurn Hattin Hosts NH Students For Project Week

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schoolWESTMINSTER, VT- The New Hampton School, a boarding and day school for grades 9-12 in New Hampton, NH, partnered with Kurn Hattin Homes for Children as their annual Project Week. Project Week provides the high school students extended investigation of educational opportunities not possible in the standard classroom setting and cultivates lifelong learners who will serve as active global citizens. The New Hampton students played volleyball and dodgeball with the Kurn Hattin eighth grade class of 2014, before facilitating a panel discussion on making the transition from middle school to high school. The students participated in a number of community service duties including painting the walls at one of the residential cottages, working in the horse stables, assisting the teachers in music and Spanish classes, and tutoring and mentoring the younger children. The students expressed their respect and awe at the kind, and structured support that they observed of the staff caring for the Kurn Hattin children. The week concluded with a dance, games, and pizza party. The New Hampton School expressed that working with the Kurn Hattin staff and children was a great opportunity to learn about relevant economic, social, and other real world issues. Kurn Hattin enjoyed hosting the New Hampton School and appreciated their time and service. Since 1894, Kurn Hattin Homes for Children has helped thousands of at-risk children and their families by offering a safe home and quality education in a nurturing environment. Kurn Hattin transforms the lives of children and their families forever. www.kurnhattin.org

4-H’ers Recognized at Public Speaking Event

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SAD 2014 Participants

Speaking out at our annual 4-H public presentation event has long been an integral part of the 4-H “Learning by Doing” approach to youth development. The knowledge, confidence and job skills gained through year after year of public speaking practice help give these youth an edge when they enter the work force.

During March, fifty-six Sullivan County 4-H members gathered at the Claremont Middle School for our public speaking event called “County Activities Day”. 4-H members may choose from four types of presentations: demonstrations, illustrated talks, public speeches and action exhibits. In addition, pre-entered 4-H photography and poster contest entries were on display with the ribbons they had been awarded by the judges.

4-H public presentations are judged using the Danish System, which rates the performance of competitors to a standard of excellence for the child’s age, ability and years of experience. Rosettes are awarded to top scoring youth exhibitors in each type of public presentation and youth age twelve and above have the opportunity to compete to represent Sullivan County at the State level competition at UNH-Durham on May 31st.

Six action exhibits presented by youth age twelve and above were selected to move on to the state competition. This year the following 4-H members earned the opportunity to compete: Sugar River 4-H’er Anna and Clara Avery from Claremont with their presentation “Soaps With Coats”; Rogue Robots 4-H’er from Newport, D.J. Chasse with “Keeping Cool – How to Cool Your Space on a Budget”; Grantham 4-H’er Rosie Johnson with her exhibit “Fuzzy Wuzzies”; the team of Plainfield youth Hannah Falcone and Skye Robicheau both members of the Sullivan County Teen Club with “Snow Globes”; Claremont member Alison Numme of the No Strings Attached 4-H club and Newport 4-H’er Rebecca Robertson of the Covered Bridge 4-H club with “Cute Craft Stick Cats” and Meghan Wilder of the Country Kids 4-H Club in Newport with “How to Make Boutonnieres”. Demonstrators selected to move on to the state competition were: “Blender Blueberry Jam” by Covered Bridge 4-H’er Annie Drye; “Karate” by Skye Robicheau and “Five ways to Tie a Scarf” by Alison Numme both exhibitors from the No Strings Attached 4-H Club and “My Journey Through Computer Animation” by Erin Truesdell of the Rogue Robots of 4-H in Claremont. Public Speeches that will move on the state competition were “STEM and 4-H, The Future of Science and Technology in 4-H presented by Isaac McIntire and “The Real World Applications of Mine Craft” by Ian McShane, both are members of the Rogue Robots of 4-H . Each of these youth were awarded a Rosette to recognize

Top scoring exhibits awarded rosette ribbons presented by youth ages 8-11 were as follows: action exhibits: “Tree to Sprouting Paper” Cayla Carpia, Sugar River 4-H Claremont; “Braided Headbands” Claire and Ella Falcone, Blood’s Brook Bale Busters 4-H, Plainfield; “Lizard Lanyards” Miranda Farr, Fun 4-H, N. Charlestown; “Wish Bracelets” Kelsey Couitt and Madison Miller, Clover Buddies 4-H Newport; Anna Numme “Cone Creatures”, No Strings Attached; “Ice Cream in a Bag” Sydney French and Griselda Luther-Houghton, Acworth Hill Climbers 4-H; “Everlasting Flowers”, Morgan Snelling, Fun 4-H. Top scoring demonstrations or illustrated talks awarded a rosette ribbons were “The Incredible Oak Tree” presented by 4-H member Nicholas Wilder of Plainfield and “Karate” by Claremont 4-H’er Joe Woods


Rosette winning poster designs selected to move on to the state competition were created by Blood’s Brook Bale Busters 4-H member Hannah Falcone, Bunny Bunch 4-H’er Jack Hodskins and Sara Provencher of the Claremont Jaguars 4-H Club. The top three designs in the 8-11 year old division were created by Morgan Snelling and Opal Wright of Fun 4-H and Amanda Wittemann of the Claremont Jaguars 4-H Club. In the Photography division, the photographs selected to compete at the state 4-H event were taken by Aminah Atta of the Claremont Jaguars 4-H Club, Hannah Falcone of the Blood’s Brook Bale Busters 4-H Club and Brigitte Taylor of the Acworth Hill Climbers 4-H Club. The top three photographs recognized in the 8-11 year old division were taken by Sugar River 4-H’er Cayla Carpia and Blood’s Brook Bale Busters

4-H’ers Claire and Ella Falcone.

THE VALUE OF CURSIVE WRITING: Why it shouldn’t be eliminated from schools

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THE VALUE OF CURSIVE WRITING: Why it shouldn’t be eliminated from schools (via The Mindful Word)

                        Even though I work at a pre-through-fifth-grade school, I’m on the preschool side of the fence. So I was dumbstruck today when a coffeehouse pal told me the teaching of cursive writing is being eliminated from American…