Let Freedom Ring: Kurn Hattin Celebrates Diversity Week

February 4, 2014 9:33 pm0 comments

Diversity week final day 2014 092-2WESTMINSTER, VT – The students and faculty of Kurn Hattin Homes don’t just learn about and celebrate the important issues of justice, equality, and fairness for one day. At this school, compassion and equity are a way of life, and essential elements of good character. Martin Luther King Day is used as an opportunity to spend entire week learning about Civil Rights history, and exploring key diversity-related topics. The students kicked off the events at Kurn Hattin on Monday with a Martin Luther King Day assembly, where they learned about the men and women responsible for affecting positive and progressive change in the advancement of civil rights. The Kurn Hattin Select Choir then participated in an MLK Day program with Vermont Academy students, performing songs such as “We Shall Overcome” and “Shine a Little Light”. An interactive presentation followed examining Martin Luther King’s speeches, with a discussion and analysis of what made them so powerful. (more…)